Sage the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo
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Sage the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

The first compact oven for the home that can reach temperatures of up to 400 ° C
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The Pizzaiolo is the first compact oven for the home that reaches a temperature of up to 400°C and can bake an authentic wood-fired oven pizza* in just 2 minutes. It offers all three heating modes of a traditional oven: direct heat, radiant heat and convection heat. Our Element iQ System provides the ideal baking environment for pizzas of all kinds, e.g. pizza with a thick crust, pan-fried pizza, thin and crispy pizza and frozen pizza.

ELEMENT iQ®-SYSTEM: The algorithms of our Element iQ® system control and direct the heat exactly where it is needed to achieve optimum baking performance. Innovative cooking chamber design with sensors, PID temperature control and optimised heat conduction technology. The system adjusts the number of degrees of the heating elements individually, thus ensuring that the desired type of pizza is baked perfectly.

CONDUCTION HEATINGS FOR FLOOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The temperature of the stone slab can be individually adjusted and is directly above the fast-reacting Incoloy heating elements. The natural cordierite stone is heated quickly and evenly maintains the desired temperature. This gives the pizza base exactly the right degree of browning, just like a classic wood-fired pizza.

AUTOMATIC BACKING OF FAVOURITE SPICES: The Pizzaiolo offers you a range of presets, such as authentic wood oven pizza, New York style, pan-fried pizza, thin and crispy pizza and even a setting for frozen pizza. With the delicious taste of real homemade pizza and Sage's recipe cards for Pizzaiolo, you'll build a reputation among friends and family as a master pizza chef.

INDIVIDUAL SETTINGS: You can adapt the functions of your stove perfectly to your needs. The manual mode allows you to adjust the temperature of the base plate and top heat individually and even select individual heating elements directly for the perfect baking configuration. With "Crust Only" you get the characteristic leopard pattern on the edge of the pizza, while "Even Heat" (Even heat distribution) evenly brown the pizza topping, cheese and dough.

HEAT CONSERVATION & SAFE USE: The combination of double-walled front glass and insulation of the heat chamber ensures that the high temperatures remain trapped in the cooking chamber while keeping the heat on the outer surfaces of the oven as low as possible.

*This product uses neither wood nor wood by-products. The term "wood-fired" refers to the specific heating properties of this stove, which replicate those of a wood-fired stone stove.

Product details:

  • material: stainless steel
  • intake capacity: 30 cm pizza
  • 7 presets and manual mode
  • power: 1975 - 2350 W
  • weight: 17 kg
  • dimensions: 273x472x465 mm


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