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Sleep Phase Alarm Clocks

Getting up relaxed and rested – Adapt your waking-up time to your own biorhythm!

A sleeping phase alarm clock always wakes you up during the ideal sleeping phase. You wake up naturally, feeling recovered and rested. You are good-humoured, fresh and fit in the morning and feel ready for an active day full of energy. By analysing body movements the alarm clock detects different sleeping phases, distinguishes them and determines your perfect moment of getting up.

Human beings pass through different sleeping cycles throughout the night, each one of them lasting between 90 and 110 minutes. Within these sleeping cycles, phases of deep sleep, light sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) alternate. In the morning, the REM phases become longer and the transition from deep sleep to REM (and vice versa) triggers increased body movement. The alarm clock takes advantage of this characteristic and wakes you up precisely during a light sleep phase, a so-called almost-awake moment, taking place about every 30 minutes.

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