AiroDoctor WAD-M20 Photokatalytischer UV-LED Luftreiniger
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AiroDoctor WAD-M20 Photokatalytischer UV-LED Luftreiniger

Luftreiniger geeignet für Räume bis 200 m² inkl. Luftsterilisator mit 4-stufigem Filtersystem und LED-Photokatalysator gegen Viren, Bakterien, Gase & Feinstaub. Laut Studien entfernt er auch SARS-CoV-2- und Influenza-Viren aus der Luft.
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Because clean air is healthier. Thanks to an innovative UV-LED photocatalysis filter, the AiroDoctor removes 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria and odors. Without harmful residues.

In many rooms you breathe in toxic fine dust and harmful gases, allergenic spores and pollen, infectious aerosols of viruses and bacteria. More often than you think.

AiroDoctor is the solution

  • Removes odours of any kind
  • Filters fine dust and harmful gases from the room air
  • For allergy sufferers: Removes mould spores, pollen, and allergenic pollutants
  • Decomposes germs, bacteria and viruses and makes them harmless
  • Thanks to robust materials and innovative technology extremely low maintenance and durable

UV LED Technology
Destroys viruses, bacteria and toxic gases.

Removes 99.9% of all germs, odors and spores
No chance for harmful substances in the air.

No odor development
The AiroDoctor decomposes harmful substances and germs without leaving any residues.

Multistage filter system
The 4-fold combination ensures a wide cleaning spectrum.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Low energy consumption, minimal noise and long running time.

The AiroDoctor air purifier with photocatalytic functionality completely breaks down harmful substances, gases, viruses and pathogenic bacteria instead of collecting simple impurities as used in conventional air purifiers. The photocatalyst based on UV-A and solid titanium dioxide not only works extremely efficiently, but is also safe, as it does not produce ozone or other chemical substances that could be harmful to the human body.

Test Report: Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT)
Result: 99.9% elimination of human corona virus (HCoV-OC43)
Result: 99.9% elimination of E. coli, Salmonella, Rota viruses, Noro viruses, bacteriophages MS2, influenza A.

The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology(KICT) is a state research institute for science and technology.

Test report: Kitasato Institute for Medical Research

Result: 99.9% elimination of E.coli
Result: 99.9% elimination of MRSA
Result: 99.9% elimination of Influenza A

The Kitasato Institute, Japan‘s first private medical research institution, was founded in 1914. Along with the scientific discovery of life phenomena, the Institute‘s mission is to promote outstanding researchers, educators and other professionals in the life sciences and related fields continues to play an active role in education, research and medicine.


  • maximum room size: 200m²
  • CADR: 480m³/h
  • Noise level (max.): 55dB
  • Innovative 4-stage filter system: Pre-filter (coarse particles, dust, hair); HEPA filter (fine dust, pollen); activated carbon filter (odours, gases); UV-LED / titanium dioxide coated (bacteria, viruses, harmful gases); UV-LED / titanium dioxide solid material (bacteria, viruses, harmful gases)
  • HEPA filtration degree: H13
  • Fan speed: 1 ~ 8 steps
  • Timer: 12 hours (max.) adjustable in 1 hour steps
  • Hint for replacing the filter
  • 4 levels of air quality indicator: good (green); average (blue); yellow (bad); red (very bad)
  • Energy efficiency class 4
  • Power consumption: 85 W
  • weight: 11,5 kg
  • Outer dimensions: 400 (W) x 230 (D) x 640 (H) mm

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